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Re: GNU Modula-2

Am 13.03.2011 16:58, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
On Mar 13 16:17, Christoph Schlegel wrote:
I am wondering about GNU Modula-2. The frontend is listed in the
Cygwin Package List but the
corresponding directory is empty. Are there plans to add the package

GNU Modula-2 has reached version 1.0 some time ago. The compiler can
be built after commenting out a few lines in string.h - I learned
this from the following message:

By the way, another message documents that the problem is there for
years now.

The mails are from 2008, and the problem they are refering to has been fixed for quite some time now. The definition of strsignal in string.h is correct and aligned to the POSIX definition. It's the same as on Linux, too. If that results in a problem building GNU Modula-2, it's a problem in GNU Modula-2.

And since you wrote "after commenting out a *few* lines", it's probably
not this problem at all.  I'm sure with a few more details (error
messages, which lines exactly you commented out, stuff like that) your
problem became clearer.



This is the error message:

Compiling /gm2-cvs-latest/libiberty/strsignal.c:409: error: conflicting types for 'strsignal'
/usr/include/string.h:91: error previous declaration of 'strsignal' was here

As mentioned in the messages from 2008 I commented out

#ifndef DEFS_H	/* Kludge to work around problem compiling in gdb */
char  *_EXFUN(strsignal, (int __signo));

I think the problem is that GNU Modula-2 is developed on the base of gcc-4.1.2 (which was released 2007) which leads to the conflict shown above. I'll try to graft the gm2 frontend onto the sourcetree of the latest gcc and I guess the problem will be gone.



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