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Re: Problems with Cygwin-1.7.8 (or snapshot) and TeXLive 2010

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
What about some helpful details which allow to reproduce your problem?
Like, say, how to get the packages, how you install them, stuff like
that.  You seem to imply that everybody knows how to do that.  I don't.

Sorry, I have omitted details because TL2010 is a full distribution of LaTeX. Anyway, just for completeness..

Usually TL2010 can be installed via the WEB (*), but I maintain a local repository:

rsync -avz --delete --exclude=*mactex* ./tlnet_repo

(tlnet_repo is about 1.7G). When one has the repository, it is simple to install (Cygwin is officially supported). As 'root' I do:


(it is a Perl script).

Here, usually I choose to change the installation directory from /usr/local/texlive/2010 to /usr/local/texlive:

hit 'd', then '1', then type /usr/local/texlive, then 'r', then 'i'

This starts the installation ('i' == install). After 30-45 minutes (on AMD Athlon X2, Win XP 32 SP3), it finishes (2.5G!) and suggests to add the binaries directory to PATH etc. (MANPATH, INFOPATH..).

The last steps of installation regard the generation of format file for all users (-rw-r--r-- root root), but with recent snapshots the format file are creted only for root (-rwx-----+) (**) : these permissions resemble those created when one installs native Windows applications ('c:\Program files' is full of similar files).

I still apologize for my omissions.


(**) I am using TL on Cygwin since Aug. 2008, and this never occurred.

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