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SSHD [Windows Domain Controller]: fatal: chown(/dev/tty0, 500, 513) failed: Bad file descriptor.


   I´ve installed cygwin + sshd on a Windows Domain Controller. On the
install process, I´ve runed ssh-host-config to configure the sshd
   The name of my domain is INTERNAL and the user that runs sshd
service is cyg_server. The service starts normally, BUT, when I try to
logon by ssh, the error bellow was printed in Event Viewer:

## The following information is part of the event: sshd: PID 3908:
fatal: chown(/dev/tty0, 500, 513) failed: Bad file descriptor.

    Bellow are the permissions of the /dev/tty0 file. The "cyg_server"
user is a member of "Administradores" group.

$ ls -l /dev/tty0
crw------- 1 SYSTEM Administradores 136, 0 Mar  3 16:20 /dev/tty0

$ net user cyg_server
User name                    cyg_server
Full Name                    Privileged server
User's comment
Country code                 000 (System Default)
Account active               Yes
Account expires              Never

Password last set            3/3/2011 13:17
Password expires             Never
Password changeable          4/3/2011 13:17
Password required            Yes
User may change password     Yes

Workstations allowed         All
Logon script
User profile
Home directory               C:\cygwin\var\empty
Last logon                   3/3/2011 15:46

Logon hours allowed          All

Local Group Memberships      *Administradores
Global Group memberships     *Usuários do domínio
The command completed successfully.

   How can I fix this issue?

Bruno Galindro da Costa

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