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Re: Windows OS and uname; compatability

On Feb 28 16:49, Fergus wrote:
> Thanks to a previous responder I now know that in response to uname:

  NT-4.0 = NT4

> NT-5.0 = W2000
> NT-5.1 = XP

  NT-5.2 = Windows 2003 as well as 64 bit XP

> NT-6.0 = Vista
> NT-6.1 = W7
> Q1 Can anybody please tell me the corresponding information for W98?

There won't be any in 1.7 since it won't run.

In 1.5:


> Q2 Are there ways of distinguishing between XP / XP-64, Vista /
> Vista-64, W7 / W7-64 using uname in Cygwin (or anything else)?

XP/32 $ uname -s

XP/64 $ uname -s

2003/32 $ uname -s

2003/64 $ uname -s
CYGWIN_NT-5.2-WOW64	<-- There's no way to distinguish XP/2003 64 bit
                            by using uname.  Use Chuck's csih helper

Vista/32 $ uname -s

Vista/64 $ uname -s

W7/32 $ uname -s

W7/64 $ uname -s

> Q3 On a machine I was assured was W7-64 (but did not check this) I ran
> the Legacy version of Cygwin 1.5.25 on a portable stick with no evident
> difficulties whatsoever. I had earlier understood this not to work.
> (Also, that Cygwin 1.7 won't run on W98.) Can you confirm that 1.5 on
> W7-64 (or any 64?) and 1.7 on W98 are both non-runners?

1.5 might or might not run on W7.  I have never tested it and don't want
to.  It's not supported.  1.5 doesn't know anything about W7, so it has
no special code or workarounds for broken W7 functionality.  I'd expect
only the basic stuff to work.  For instance, you may have trouble with
console handles and with trying to hide a console.

1.7 uses native NT functions liberally.  It won't start on 9x.


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