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Re: Doubtful about unison

Am 28.02.2011 20:31, schrieb Olivier Lefevre:

> Yes but no danger here: it dies right away with an error popup that
> says "The program entry point [I am translating from the german; I
> might be a little off] "__ctype_ptr__" was not found in cygwin1.dll"
> Looks like it was wrongly linked or compiled. Or maybe there's a
> mismatch between what it was complied against and my own Cygwin? I

No, instead, it was wrongly installed by yourself.

> only just installed Unison but I haven't updated anything else, least
> of all Cygwin base (which has gone wrong for me in the past), in many
> months.

Which is the problem: the unison command was compiled against a newer
cygwin1.dll than yours.  You need to update at least the libraries and
packages that unison depends on, which might be quite a bit, so
upgrading everything will be easier.

Possibly you're even trying Unison-for-Cygwin-1.7 with a Cygwin-1.5.DLL,
but I haven't checked that, and I don't even care.

Please backup your Cygwin path, download a fresh setup.exe and run it.

Update everything that is offered for update.  Do not deselect or set to
"Keep" anything that even remotely looks like it might have to do with
the cygwin base system.  If your old install was 1.5, check the web site
for things that changed in 1.7 and that might need your attention.

If you want to stick to 1.5, you're on your own.
There is no support for the 1.5.X legacy version.


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