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Re: Mg3a - a version of Mg2a developed on Cygwin

Bengt Larsson wrote:
>Kenneth Wolcott wrote:
>>>>sigh, no ^X d (aka dired mode) by default !
>>> True. I never use it. I kind of philosophically disagree with it.
>>  Strange, as "dired" is one of the most important pieces of emacs and
>>when one says "emacs" and then says "but this version doesn't have
>>'dired'", the emacs person will go, "What?!"  It's kInd of like having
>>a kitchen sink with no running water :-)
>Mmm. Could you tell me which commands you use, and what they do, in
>order of decreasing priority?
>I'm thinking one could do a simple dired, generating the list
>internally. Delete, Visit file, Rename, how does that sound?

I have implemented dired.

But I suppose this is getting off topic. There is some support for
creating a mailing list at my domain so I'll see if I can do that. If I
do, I'll announce it here. I'll keep updating the website. there will be
a Changelog.

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