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Re: Mg3a - a version of Mg2a developed on Cygwin

Cyrille Lefevre wrote:

Thanks for your informed criticism. But I haven't suggested it should be
delivered with Cygwin.

>make install should copy mg to /bin instead of /docs/Command, 


>documentation files in /usr/share/doc/mg3a and samples (dot files)
>in /us/share/doc/mg3a/examples

Yes. Thanks.

>v2$ echo $LANG
>v2$ mg
>M-x emacs-version
>Mg 2a (formerly MicroGnuEmacs)

Ah. Thanks.

>s/2/3/ no ?
>v2$ mg
>^H a RET
>apropos: Segmentation fault

Old bug. Menitioned in the old documentation. Incredibly hairy code.

>sigh, no ^X d (aka dired mode) by default !

True. I never use it. I kind of philosophically disagree with it.

>well, I've tried w/o NO_DIRED and d_makename() needs to be rewritten
>a lot to handle dynamic comlumns sizing of gnu ls :-(

It was good that it worked at all :-)

There is also a NO_BACKUP #define. I don't guarantee what happens if you
remove it.

>to compile w/o NO_DIRED, in function fbackupfile in file fileio.c, replace :
>char *malloc();
>#define rename renamefile

Helpful. Thanks.

>^Z doesn't suspend !

I know. The very old code did this for a BSD system. But I have never
figured out how to do this portably on a more modern system. Mentioned
in the documentation.

>^X ^F doesn't complete :-(

That would be a nice feature.

>no M-T (transpose-words)

Hmm. Could be added I guess.
>M-x something say [Ambiguous] w/o listing possible solutions

OK. It never did, actually. Of course we don't have to do everything
Emacs did.

>about defines :
>-DNO_BACKUP may be replaced by -DMAKEBACKUP=0, so, it is disabled by 
>default and may be enable using (make-backup-files) if needed.
>as suggested, -DLF_DEFAULT should be defined

If it were distributed with Cygwin I would certainly define LF_DEFAULT.
I wouldn't do it all on my own, but certainly if it's a condition.

>-DNOTAB seems to work fine but no-tab-mode and nobom must be switched in 

OH! Thanks. Fixed.

>-DPREFIXREGION seems to work fine
>-DREGEX seems to work fine

I haven't touched those.

>-DSCROLLBYONE seems to work fine

OK. That was more thorough than I asked for ;-) But very helpful.

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