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Re: Mg3a - a version of Mg2a developed on Cygwin

Bengt Larsson wrote:
>As I mentioned in an earlier message I have been developing UTF-8
>support for an editor, Mg2a. I chose to call it Mg3a.

This is Mg, formerly Mg2a, formerly MicroGnuEmacs. It was extended by
Bengt Larsson to deal with CRLF/LF and UTF-8, plus some other small
extensions. The original README and documents are in orig/. The
extensions as well as the original, with some exceptions mentioned in
the original README, are in the public domain. 

Enjoy your GNU Emacs-like editor.

If you are on Cygwin, Mg defaults to CRLF line endings. You may want
to set them to LF by putting this in a file .mg in your home

  (set-default-mode "lf")

If you have files in an old 8-bit character set, and if you are in a
UTF-8 locale, you may want to add a command to set the default 8bit
character set. Default is CP1252. For example:

  (set-default-8bit-charset "cp1250")

"list-charsets" lists the available charsets.

Commands are documented in README.reference. README.programmer and
README.misc include some extra info. 

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