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Re: emacsclient problem

On 2/21/2011 12:57 PM, Nick Parker wrote:

I am attempting to use the cygwin version of emacs and emacsclient,
however I am running into an issue.  The scenario that I am attempting
is as follows:

1.  Launching emacs from mintty (both of which were installed from the
cygwin installer).
2.  A simple init.el inside the .emacs.d directory that looks like this
3.  Background emacs with C-z
4.  Launch emacsclient somefile.txt to edit the file.

When I perform step 4, the command prompt doesn't appear to invoke
emacsclient, the display does not change, and I do not see the file I am
attempting to view.  I have to issue a C-c to break the prompt back to
normal user input.

Version Information:
mintty:      0.9.5
emacs:       23.2.1
emacsclient: 23.2

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be the cause of this
behavior?  Should this in fact work?  Any suggestions would be
appreciated.  Thanks.

I don't see anything in the emacsclient documentation that suggest that the emacs server should continue to run after being suspended with C-z. Here are two alternatives that do seem to work (but see the documentation for much more information):

1. Start emacs (and the emacs server) in one mintty window and run emacsclient in another.

2. Start emacs with the --daemon option.


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