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No Network Access Nearly Resolved

I am running the latest Cygwin installation on Windows XP w/ all the latest
windows patches. Here are the symptoms/facts.

1. When I delete the passwd and groups file, Cygwin makes a dummy logon for
me. I can do all sorts of normal network activity from the command line (
SSH, etc.). However, I don't think this is what you're supposed to do.

2. I have no local account for my user on the PC. It is associated with a
windows domain account.

3. When I setup the groups and password files the way I think they should be
setup, I have no access. I have also tried associating myself with the local
administrator account group to no avail (by modifying the 3rd field of the
passwd file).

cat /etc/group 
Domain Users:S-1-5-21-3885614643-332083874-814631590-513:10513: 

cat /etc/passwd
furashg:unused:102527:10513:Furash, Gary F -

Again, if I modify the group above so it just contains the local
administrator group (544), then change 10513 above to 544, I still can't do
any network things.

4. From the DOS prompt, I can do all my normal network stuff.

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