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chmod indicates success, but does not succeed

First let me appologise for the bad subject line and lack of explicit
content.  I realise the importance of following forum guidelines and I shall
try to be clearer, at least within my ability.

As mentioned at the beginning of my post, though perhaps not so clearly as I
should.  Cgywin was provided with a simulator called omnet++.  I have read
the omnet++ documentation and asked questions on forums but was still unable
to resolve the issue.

Regarding one of the resolutions to the possible cause by space in user
name:  there doesn't appear to be a passwd file in etc directory, so I
cannot change that.  Perhaps, as suggested, I should create a new windows
user name without spaces and login as that person.  But I guess I would have
to recreate the directory structure over again for me to be the owner.  Is
this what the post about spaces is suggesting?

Regarding the container directory:  Directory owner is me and group is
Administrators.  This is the same for all files and directories I have every
looked at.

Regarding FAT, this is the integral C: drive and it is formatted NTFS.  I
think I did mention this, but I may have used wrong terminology or not been
explicit.  Sorry.

Regarding reporting guidlines and running pre-checks:
My disk is indexed and a search for cygcheck.* revealed nothing.  I am not
sure from where I should run cygcheck.

I feel I have probably again left some obvious error in my post or have
missed something obvious on the site, but it is not intentional and I
appologise in advance.  I have been looking at this on my own for a long
time.  I guess it's jusy inexperience.

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