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Re: ssh problem

On 2/14/2011 9:27 AM, reÅit dÃnÃk wrote:

i have a problem with "ssh something'" command. it gives the error:
"Bad owner or permissions on /home/rdonuk/.ssh/config". the "chmod 600
*" did not the solve problem.
when i type ls -la in "/.ssh" getting these

total 6
drw-------+ 1 rdonuk         Domain Users    0 Feb 14 15:20 .
drw-------+ 1 rdonuk         Domain Users 4096 Feb 14 15:45 ..
-rw-------  1 Administrators Domain Users   69 Feb 14 15:16 config
-rw-------  1 Administrators Domain Users   20 Feb 14 15:17 myauth

maybe there is problem with these "Administrators". I search for it
many sites but cant solve.

I think you're looking in the wrong place for these files. It's complaining about '/home/rdonuk/.ssh/config', not '/.ssh/config'. Actually, you shouldn't need '/.ssh'. I'd recommend deleting this directory unless you're sure it's crucial to your environment.



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