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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: csih-0.9.4-1

csih (cygwin-service-installation-helper) provides a library
of shell functions that can be used by other cygwin packages
that provide servers and daemons. It can assist in various
service installation tasks, such as:

* identifying the underlying Windows OS
* detecting whether a "privileged user" exists and what its
  name is (that is, a user account with enhanced privileges
  necessary for some services)
* creating a privileged user if one doesn't already exist
  (assuming the caller has permissions to create new users)
* creating "normal" users
* obtaining the (localized) name of well known accounts
  (Guest, Administrator)

It is currently used by inetutils(iu-config, syslogd-config),
openssh (ssh-host-config, ssh-user-config), sspi(sspi-config),
sysvinit(init-config), and various others.  csih should not be
used directly; instead, config scripts like the ones mentioned
above should 'source' the csih script, and then use the
functions provided.

[[ cygwin binary utilities compiled using gcc-4.3.4-3 ]]
[[ native binary utilities compiled using gcc-3.4.4-999 and gcc-mingw-core-20050522-1 ]]

CHANGES (since 0.9.3)
o New function csih_call_winsys32() for invoking programs
  in C:\Windows\system32.
o New function csih_writable_tmpdir() echos path to a temporary
  directory, using $TMP, $TEMP, $TMPDIR, $HOME, etc.
o New function csih_mktemp() safely wraps /usr/bin/mktemp.
o csih_sanity_check() deprecated (replaced by internal function).
o csih_check_basic_mounts() deprecated (ditto).
o New mutable variables csih_sanity_check_server and
  csih_required_commands[] for modifying the behavior of the internal
  replacement function for csih_sanity_check().
o All external applications (mkpasswd, expr, tr, sed, etc) are now
  called by their full path, to avoid conflicts in the presence of
  unexpected $PATH contents.
o (internal): massive reorganization, changing the order of
  intialization.  Required because some initialization requires
  calling external programs, and we now verify these programs are
  accessible first.

Charles Wilson
volunteer csih maintainer for cygwin


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