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Re: Preremove/postinstall scripts fail with snapshot installed

Ken Brown <> writes:
> If I run setup.exe with a cygwin snapshot installed, bash crashes
> while running all preremove and postinstall scripts.  Here's a typical
> error message in /var/log/setup.log.full:

I'm getting similar crashes running Git fetch on a snapshot installation
on Win7 I did a few weeks ago while trying to figure out my problem with
named pipes.  I did not change the Cygwin installation since then (which
went fine at the time) and Git was running OK (cloned a few repos, the
ones that now have a problem updating).  If I run the fetch a few times
it will eventually complete, though.  There was a patchday inbetween,
however... also it wouldn't be the first time that some Cygwin program
was deemed "malicious" by behavioral virus scanners.

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