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Re: svn

On 2/10/2011 3:03 PM, Gary wrote:
Eliot Moss wrote:

I wonder if it has to do with
(a) what svn believes to be a text, as opposed to binary, file;

Possibly. But... I shouldn't have to configure that for my svn client, should I? Isn't that supposed to be done on the repo end?

Yes and no. The /subversion/config file is per-client and controls a number of things, notably what sorts of files are treated as binary and the eol (end of line) properties of text files.

(b) how you have cygwin set to treat text files; and

Not sure what you mean here. You mean the mount options? Not sure what they are, I'm on a different computer right now.

Yes, I think so, but there is a place where, when you set up cygwin, you indicate a preference for Windows or Linux line endings. That is what I am talking about. And if you set it for Linux (say) and Windows tools don't like that (or vice versa) then you can have problems.

(c) what line terminator, etc., VC# wants to see.

Hmm. Well, I would hope that "svn co<URL> ." just gets whatever happens to be in the repo - LF, CRLF, whatever - and doesn't feck with them just because they are not the line endings some program someone might want to sometime use, expects. Is that not the case?

Ummm, no. The svn:eol-style property controls how line endings get translated between the internal store and representation when checked out. This makes sense if you want the same sources to work on Mac OS, Unix, and Windows, transparently ... the external and internal forms cannot always match byte-for-byte.

I should probably mention that I've been happily using the same Cygwin
svn for about a year (including some binary files such as images) and
never had a problem. Only now, with this stupid new project/repository.

Well, I hope you are starting to understand the eol representation issue to which I am pointing. I can't say if that's what's biting you, but if someone set up a repo without doing that well, and you try building on a platform that wants different line endings, your tools might well complain or produce results different from what you want ...

Best wishes -- EM

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