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Re: svn

Eliot Moss wrote:

> I wonder if it has to do with
> (a) what svn believes to be a text, as opposed to binary, file;

Possibly. But... I shouldn't have to configure that for my svn client,
should I? Isn't that supposed to be done on the repo end?

> (b) how you have cygwin set to treat text files; and

Not sure what you mean here. You mean the mount options? Not sure what
they are, I'm on a different computer right now.

> (c) what line terminator, etc., VC# wants to see.

Hmm. Well, I would hope that "svn co <URL> ." just gets whatever happens
to be in the repo - LF, CRLF, whatever - and doesn't feck with them just
because they are not the line endings some program someone might want to
sometime use, expects. Is that not the case?

I should probably mention that I've been happily using the same Cygwin
svn for about a year (including some binary files such as images) and
never had a problem. Only now, with this stupid new project/repository.

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