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Re: 1.7.7: after upgrade lost ability to login via ssh

On 2/9/2011 5:07 PM, Gerry Reno wrote:
On 02/09/2011 04:56 PM, Gerry Reno wrote:
On 02/08/2011 11:07 PM, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

On 2/8/2011 9:14 PM, Gerry Reno wrote:

Something else I just discovered after upgrading to 1.7.7 is that I now
have lost the ability to login via ssh.

I have OpenSSH installed and running sshd as a service.  Both password
and keys accepted.  But now neither means will work.

      # ssh -i keypair1.pem   Administrator@MACHINE_IP
      Last login: Fri Feb  4 17:19:26 2011 from LOCAL_CLIENT_MACHINE
      Connection to MACHINE_IP closed.

So I increased verbosity but did not see anything obvious.

# ssh -v -i keypair1.pem Administrator@MACHINE_IP OpenSSH_5.2p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8k-fips 25 Mar 2009 debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config debug1: Applying options for * debug1: Connecting to MACHINE_IP [MACHINE_IP] port 22. debug1: Connection established. debug1: permanently_set_uid: 0/0 debug1: identity file keypair1.pem type -1 debug1: Remote protocol version 2.0, remote software version OpenSSH_5.8

Does reverting OpenSSH to 5.7 make a difference?

Downgraded to 5.7:

     bash-4.1$ sshd --version
     sshd: unknown option -- -
     OpenSSH_5.7p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8r 8 Feb 2011

> From client:

     ssh -i keypair1.pem   Administrator@MACHINE_IP
     Last login: Wed Feb  9 12:54:08 2011 from LOCAL_CLIENT_IP
     Connection to MACHINE_IP closed.

Nope. Still have the same problem. Connection is made but immediately closes.

I'm suspecting this is related to running Cygwin 1.7.

In looking back though some notes I started having bash shell problems
after upgrading from 1.5 to 1.7.

Now on 1.7 if I try to run bash as a login shell it just gets "Bad
address" or segfault errors and immediately exits the shell which also
probably affects 'ssh'.

I don't remember having any bash problems when I was running Cygwin 1.5
on this machine.  My notes reflect screen copies showing bash able to
run as a login shell without any problem.

Yep, that's the way we all run by default (see cygwin.bat). I agree that if you're having problems getting bash to behave, it's best to focus on that issue first. Your ssh problems may just be another symptom of the same thing. How about sending cygcheck output (<>)? There may be something helpful in that which someone on the list might pick up on.



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