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Re: after ssh connection is getting closed

On Feb  9 12:14, Sarkar, Kaushik wrote:
> After connecting through ssh immediately my connection is getting
> closed.

I can't reproduce this problem, neither with Cygwin 1.7.7, nor with the
latest Cygwin from CVS, neither with OpenSSH 5.6, nor 5.7, nor 5.8.

However, I *could* reproduce it on my machine when trying to login using
another account than my own.  After some digging it turned out that one
of my DLLs in /bin had 700 permissions, rather than the correct 755
permissions.  That was a result of some debugging I did a couple of days
back.  Anyway, after fixing that, the login worked fine.  Just calling
`chmod 755 /bin/*.dll' did the trick.

Here's another potential cause:  Right now there appears to be a problem
with the latest bash (see the mailing list archives of the last few
days), but for some unknown reason the problem doesn't manifest on all
I assume you didn't only update cygwin or openssh, but all packages.
Restart setup and revert bash to the older 3.2.51-24 and see if it fixes
your problem.  Or, set the login shell of the account you're trying
to login to to /bin/dash, or /bin/tcsh, or any other non-bash shell


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