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Re: AW: cd slows down on local drive when another network drive gets connected

On 2/7/2011 7:25 PM, Paul Maier wrote:
Hi Larry,

thanks for having responded.

Any cd command on local hard disk drive slows extremely
down when I connect
another drive letter to a network drive.

Could it be a driver issue?

Sorry, I am not experienced enough to answer your question. I didn't know, that I need a driver to connect to a network drive. All I do is to open the windows explorer and connect drive Q: to a //server/path using the Windows explorer's menu.

Sure but you have a mobile phone in the mix here, right? You're relying on some software to talk to the phone. That's the driver. So that's one possibility. And the one that seemed most likely to me if it's affecting performance even when you're not accessing the drive with the phone.

How do things work when you do like operations using just plain Windows



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