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Re: Script to Auto CYGWIN -U all environment varialbes

On Mon, Feb 07, 2011 at 03:36:26PM -0700, Gary Furash wrote:
> Has anyone written anything into their bash profile or whatever that goes
> through each windows environment variable currently extant, and resets them
> Before, @ start of .bashrc
> After run of .bashrc
> ETC=`$(cygpath -u '$ETC')`; EXPORT ETC  (--> /cygpath/c/windows/etc)
> Or something like that. So, by the time you hit your cygwin prompt all your
> environment variables are already cleaned up.

I have seen the need to take windows paths conversion into account only
when dealing with Java apps from within cygwin: e.g. a tomcat
appserver, where the converts cygwin paths into windows
ones before sending them to the JVM, that doesn't understand them.
Other than that, I fail to understand what is the use for this. 
Could you please elaborate on a use case for such a configuration?
Also note that, following your example, you can still reach
/cygpath/c/windows/etc without converting anything.

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