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1.7.7: PATH in Bash shells

What is the proper method to set the PATH variable on a system-wide
basis in Cygwin?

Right now in the Cygwin Bash shell the PATH is set to:

    bash-4.1$ echo $PATH
    em:/cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft SQL

I think what I need is for the system-wide PATH to look something like this:

    Files (x86)/Microsoft SQL Server/90/Tools/binn/

This is because I have some scripts that I  bring over from my Linux
environment that fail under Cygwin because they cannot find executables
in places like /usr/sbin or /usr/local/bin or in the case of some
executables like 'find' they find the Windows version which breaks the

The PATH in my Linux environments looks like this:


Is the PATH setting I'm looking for workable with Cygwin? 

Or do the Windows paths need to come first for some reason?

I've read this:

But it didn't provide a lot of guidance.

Is there some guiding document about setting PATH system-wide to better
support scripts from Linux?


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