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Re: Cygstart through SSH tunnel

I would mention that there are usually alternatives, in this case vi,
but often graphically oriented programs have command line modes for
non-interactive usage
and they act sanely in headless mode.  Sometimes it is nice to have notepad but
I've found that usually vi works fine esp in combination with sed or
other tools
and I can get more done with less bandwidth to remote machine( if I'm
on a modem for example, sounds silly to worry about this but look at
what is happening now with wireless apps and all the people who grew
up not caring about resources etc) .
For example, the graphical program "R" runs great over SSH with output
sent to pdf or related files and even blackberry simulators can be run
scripted with selected screenshots captured.
Many web pages have similar problems with designs assumed to be for
human readability even if their primary purpose is to show data for
use by other programs like "R". If notepad was ad supported I could
understand the situation LOL but otherwise you would like applications
that let you automate data processing.

see this for example,


not this LOL,


On 2/5/11, Andrew DeFaria <> wrote:
> On 02/04/2011 10:00 PM, davej1983 wrote:
>> Hi, I'm fairly new to Cygwin, so this might be a pretty simple question,
>> but
>> so far I haven't had any luck finding an answer so far.
>> I have an SSH server running on a remote computer, that I can log into
>> using
>> cygwin. While logged, if I use cygstart to try to open a file, or if I try
>> to launch a program, it will not fully open/launch. For example, if I try
>> to
>> open a text file, notepad.exe will show up in the task manager, but won't
>> actually open. Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? Any help
>> would be appreciated!
> You're making the invalid assumption that Microsoft wrote a network
> aware windowing system. They didn't! It quite simply just doesn't work
> that way. There are no concepts like an X server, a display or the
> concept of saying "run this gui client here on this machine, but display
> it's window on another display". Indeed Windows just blindly assumes
> that you are logged in and present at the current machines physical
> CRT... oops - showing my age - monitor and (guessing here) that the
> appropriate structures are on the heap to put up this notepad.exe window
> on the current machine (in your example, the remote computer - which
> then fails, leaving notepad running but no visible window to interact with.
> You might want to try installing Cygwin/X and using a true X server and
> X clients.
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