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Re: Where to find a reliable provider of CygwinX?


On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 3:20 PM, Jørgen Steensgaard  wrote:
> After having installed a basic version of Cygwin I wanted to install X and a
> few programs that depend on it. ?Using one mirror I thought I was doing
> well, but no program X were found.

Under Cygwin, /usr/bin/X is a symlink to /usr/bin/XWin.exe :

>?Somehow I got the information that xinit
> was needed, but that I could not obtain from the mirror. So I found another
> and lo-and-behold: I got xinit, X, and Xemacs.

I find it hard to believe that downloading xinit would get you Xemacs.

> From previous experience I knew that the X-server should be started somehow,
> but I could not resist to call Xemacs right away. ?And believe it or not: it
> could not start, and complained about a missing cygjpeg-62.dll. ?So back to
> the provider to have a look for the package libjpeg-62, identified by a
> lookup elsewhere. ?But neither of the two providers had such a package, but
> instead some different libjpeg-*. After having downloaded all of these, the
> complaint came back again.

Did you use Cygwin's setup.exe? If yes, what version?

> So: please give me some advice on where to find a provider of all packages

Have you tried  ?

Also, don't forget:

> Problem reports: ? ? ?

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