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Re: Where to find a reliable provider of CygwinX?

On 2/1/2011 11:26 AM, JÃrgen Steensgaard wrote:
On 01/02/2011 16:45, marco atzeri wrote:
On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 3:20 PM, JÃrgen Steensgaard wrote:


So: please give me some advice on where to find a provider of all packages
and preferably also some about how packages have been tested for

any mirror should contain all the packages.

I agree that this should be the case, but experience that it is not. The absence of X and xinit from one provider and presence in another is more than annoying.

The problem you see is more likely due to the fact that libjpeg62 is
an obsolete package,
So to see it on the "select packages" window list you need to unset
"hide obsolete packages" in the left down corner of the window .

Thank you for a hint to work around this particular situation. My main objective is to discuss distribution consistency.

As you know, you get Cygwin from a mirror. Mirrors are not controlled by So if you're having trouble with a mirror or its content, it's best to contact the mirror provider directly. Otherwise you can email Cygwin's sourcemaster. But before doing any of that, please make sure that the mirror you're choosing is on the list of active mirrors. You can find the list of active mirrors (which 'setup.exe' references) along with details of how it's maintained here:




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