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Re: After installing 1.7.7 command ls is null --now with cygcheck.out

On 1/31/2011 4:16 PM, Gerry Reno wrote:
On 01/31/2011 04:14 PM, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
On 1/31/2011 3:49 PM, Gerry Reno wrote:
On 01/31/2011 03:00 PM, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:


This is why you got the complaint about cygwin1.dll being busy.

When you did the upgrade, did you download the current 'setup.exe' from


Hm. There was an issue with 'setup.exe' not properly handling the replacement of the Cygwin DLL on reboot but I thought that was fixed. I'd recommend stopping all your services and reinstalling the Cygwin package.

I tried rerunning it but it said "nothing to do". How do I force it?

Yes, that's expected. You need to toggle the Cygwin package to "Reinstall".



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