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After installing 1.7.7 command ls is null --now with cygcheck.out


I have just installed 1.7.7 after several unsuccessful attempts. Several auxiliary libraries were not included in the installation after setup finished. OK -- so I had to locate and rerun setup repeatedly.

At some point I succeeded in having a terminal running with a bash-shell. It was probably my own fault not to have 'find' and 'sed' included, since that obviously is supposed to be common knowledge.

Finally with the terminal running the shell -- including, finally, usual command editing facilities -- one problem remains

ls gives me no reaction at all :-(

I can type other commands and get the expected behaviour, but not ls -- and who knows what others.

Quite an experience! With patience I might become as pleased with 1.7 as with a 1.5 on another machine.

Any suggestions? I include a cygcheck.out, the generation of which followed the message:

garbled output from 'id' command - no uid= found


JÃrgen Steensgaard

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