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Re: failing to clone a git repo via ssh

On 01/23/2011 06:21 AM, Rafael Kitover wrote:
> I just realized this bug is replicatable without having ssh access to
> our repo, you just need the cygwin sshd enabled, and the guy with access
> to the gitosis went off somewhere anyway...
> Here are the steps:
> cd ~
> mkdir tmp
> cd tmp
> git clone git:// dbic_git_url
> git clone `whoami`@localhost:tmp/dbic_git_url dbic_ssh

Sadly, the early EOFs problem is an identified but unfixed issue:

Since my last report in that thread, I did try a few other configurations:

* msysGit with msysGit's ssh
* msysGit with Cygwin's ssh
* Cygwin's git with msysGit's ssh

All of these combinations avoided the early EOFs problem no matter how
many times I repeated my testing.  As cgf said, this does appear to be a
problem in Cygwin's pipe code, but it's very strange that it only seems
to be triggered with Cygwin's git + Cygwin's ssh.  My guess is that
there is some kind of race condition in the pipe setup code when both
ends of the pipe are Cygwin processes, but I'm admittedly unfamiliar
with Cygwin's pipe code.


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