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Re: Invoking GUI programs over SSH

Am 22.01.2011 03:01 schrieb David Antliff:

> I do want to have CRLF endings in my files, because merge tools like
> kdiff3 (on Windows) require CRLF files. We could live without kdiff3,
> however changing this setting "down the track" is a harder problem to
> solve than using 'set -o igncr'. All sorts of strange problems occur
> if people stop using autocrlf=true. We have a very large number of
> repositories and clones, making a global change difficult, but perhaps
> not impossible.

Well, if you use both software that requires CRLF (though kdiff3 in my
experience doesn't) and software that requires LF (bash) on the same
files, there isn't much git can do to solve that conflict.

If it's a different set of files though (i.e. LF for .sh files, CRLF for
source code or whatever), you might benefit from switching to the newer
core.eol mechanism, which allows to override the line endings for
individual files through .gitattributes. Refer to

Michael Lutz

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