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Re: Is there "yum" for cygwin?

On 1/21/2011 3:35 PM, gviewer wrote:

You mean run the command "setup.exe -P maven" under cygwin shell. And this is what I got: " $ setup.exe -P maven bash: setup.exe: command not found

Well of course you need 'setup.exe' too:


But as Chris pointed out, maven isn't a Cygwin package available through  If you've found a Cygwin package for it elsewhere and that
location is set up to distribute the package via 'setup.exe', you could
use it to install maven.  But you need to specify the mirror as an option
to 'setup.exe' too.  And if all this summarizes where you're coming from,
you've stepped off-topic for this list.  We only really support what's
distributed through  So if there's another site distributing
maven for Cygwin, you want to address any questions you have about it to
that site instead.



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