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Re: cygpath unable to translate the *nix path to an NTFS junction point

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Jan 17 02:48, Barry Kelly wrote:
> > 

> Also, if you don't treat juntions to the same drive as symlinks you have
> the problem that you can easily create loops when you run a recursive
> file search.

This is true; though 'find' will detect such loops, and e.g. cmd /c dir
/s will terminate after 30 recursions, and the Explorer shell is
similarly stupid about such loops.

What I'm getting at is the ecosystem is so unprepared for junctions that
treating them as symlinks makes them feel too... flimsy, fragile. You
already need to be careful about creating circular links for issues of
compatibility elsewhere. For my usage purposes, though, I want e.g. find
as used by locate to follow them (because the canonical path, for my
purposes, includes the junction), but not "mere" symlinks.

> > So I wrote this modification to cygwin-1.7.7-1 
> Please read, especially the chapter
> "Before you get started".  For a patch like this we need a signed
> copyright assignment.  However...

Indeed; I was actually addressing Pierce more directly, I'm not
particularly bothered whether or not such a change makes it into Cygwin
itself. I fixed my problem; if it fixes Pierce's problem, that's bonus.

-- Barry


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