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Re: Invoking GUI programs over SSH

On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 10:34, Jeremy Bopp wrote:
> On 1/17/2011 3:20 PM, David Antliff wrote:
>> Essentially I have a seemingly command-line based FPGA synthesis tool
>> (a "compiler" if you prefer) called "Synplify Pro". Unfortunately it
>> is not truly command-line, but does some sort of GUI-related
>> operations even though it shows no actual GUI (except sometimes a
>> splash screen). This means that although I can run it from a local
>> bash instance, and it will run, I don't seem to be able to run it from
>> an SSH session.
>> Copyright (c) 1991-2010 Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, ?All rights reserved.
>> Failed to get 'Config' context string of ispLever System
>> Failed to get 'Root' context string of ispLever System
>> I noticed when I run Windows apps such as notepad.exe or calc.exe over
>> SSH that they start up, no GUI appears, but as far as I can tell they
>> remain running.
>> Does anyone know of any 'trick' to enable a GUI program to work via
>> SSH please? I'm using Cygwin 1.7.5 on Windows XP SP3 32bit.
> Perhaps you could use the editrights program to add the
> SeInteractiveLogonRight for the user running the ssh service and
> effectively get access to the main desktop that way.

Hi Jeremy, thank you for your idea.

I just tried this - in fact I used the AdministrativeTools/Services
applet to set the Cygwin SSHD service to "Allow service to interact
with desktop". This actually had a useful effect - I can now start
'notepad' or 'calc' and I see the process appear on the main desktop.

However, unfortunately, I still get the same error from Synplify Pro.
I wonder if it's looking for more than just GUI services?

Also, having that option set causes any SSH connection attempts *from
Cygwin* to connect, then immediately terminate. However if I connect
from a Linux host, it connects fine. If I turn off the "Allow service
to interact with desktop", then I can connect again. Not a big deal,
but odd.

I've also tried running the sshd service as the same user currently
logged in (i.e. running the desktop). However when I do this, the sshd
service fails to start with no error message other than "service could
not be started. The service did not report an error."

-- David.

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