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Invoking GUI programs over SSH


I've found this thread so far:
It's related to what I am trying to do, but I'd like to get
confirmation that what I am attempting is impossible, or not.

Essentially I have a seemingly command-line based FPGA synthesis tool
(a "compiler" if you prefer) called "Synplify Pro". Unfortunately it
is not truly command-line, but does some sort of GUI-related
operations even though it shows no actual GUI (except sometimes a
splash screen). This means that although I can run it from a local
bash instance, and it will run, I don't seem to be able to run it from
an SSH session.

Copyright (c) 1991-2010 Lattice Semiconductor Corporation,  All rights reserved.
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The reason I want to do this is because I'm using the Hudson
Continuous Integration server to create a cluster of build machines.
Hudson uses SSH to connect to Slave nodes and run processes. A build
using Synplify Pro will work on the 'master' node, but does not work
on any Slave node because of the above error. I believe it needs
access to GUI services to run correctly.

I noticed when I run Windows apps such as notepad.exe or calc.exe over
SSH that they start up, no GUI appears, but as far as I can tell they
remain running.

Note that I do not want the GUI to appear on the remote computer - I
understand that is an entirely different proposition and I'm not
interested in this. I just want the program to think it can open the
GUI and not abort with an error message.

Does anyone know of any 'trick' to enable a GUI program to work via
SSH please? I'm using Cygwin 1.7.5 on Windows XP SP3 32bit.

-- David.

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