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RE: Cygwin Users Guide (cygwin-ug-net.html) not installed with doc

> From: Christopher Faylor > Sent: Friday, January 14, 2011 10:46 PM
> > Otto wrote:
> >I'm not sure which you are calling a bug:
> >1) no html docs
> >2) failing info cmd on cygwin-ug-net
> >
> >I'm thinking your are refering to (2).
> Yes.  I am referring to 2, i.e., the actual thing I
> mentioned.  It can't
> be a "bug" if it was never intended to have html docs in the package.

So can we also add a "feature" request, to generate the html docs also?

>From a broad, "how can we make something more user friendly for the broadest
set of users", generating the html doc is the appropriate thing to do.

X/Cygwin generates 5 different formats (pdf, ps, rtf, txt) and info is NOT
one of them.

If one asks:

* what is best for the community
* what provides the most accessibility to the most people
* does it make sense to have Cygwin and Cygwin/X look
  like they are all part of the same family

then generating the additional formats, in addition to the info format is
the appropriate thing to do. And I mean to package and distribute via
setup.exe in the cygwin-doc package. And not just using the generated html
for the cygwin website.

...digging deeper... I'm a bit surprised...

So I'm not a cygwin src or bin guru, but looking at the src for the doc,
html files have been generated since Makefile rev 1.1. (Appears as if you
were the original check-in person).

You state:
> It can't be a "bug" if it was never
> intended to have html docs in the package.

I fail to understand your comment and why this is not a bug as even the
latest 1.27 Makefile shows the following lines:

tarball : cygwin-docs.tar.bz2
cygwin-docs.tar.bz2 : $(TBFILES) $(TBDEPS)
        find $(TBFILES) $(TBDIRS) \! -type d | sort | tar -T - -cf -  |
bzip2 > cygwin-docs.tar.bz2

Why is the html not included?
Is there some other wrapper generating the bin-distribution for setup?
Why does it not include the html?
Maybe I'm being daftly ignorant and/or missing something...
Am I looking at the wrong sources?


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