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Cygwin Users Guide (cygwin-ug-net.html) not installed with doc


Seems odd that the "Cygwin User's Guide" (html) is not installed with the
"cygwin-doc" package. The package descriptions claims to include the "User's

The install file, cygwin-doc-1.7-1.tar.bz2, contains a
file, installed in usr/share/info.

Attempts even to use 'info' have failed.
Attempting 'info cygwin-ug-net' yields
  No menu item `cygwin-ug-net' in node '(dir)Top'.
Editing 'dir' to include cygwin-ug-net (as follows (w/o indent)):
  * Cygwin Users Guide: (cygwin-ug-net). Cygwin Users Guide.
results in the following when menu selected:
  Cannot find node `Top'.

(Ok, so I've used 'info' in the past, even written some doc for it. But that
was long ago and I was not a guru then and certainly not now.)

This _should_not_ be this hard.

By default, cygwin-doc, should provide html files as does Cygwin/X Users
Guide, not info files.

(No this is not to start some discussion on the merits of info over
html/browser, the world wide web adoption has spoken.)

There is very useful information in the 'Cygwin Users Guide'. It should be
part of the basic "cygwin-doc" package, so that one does not have to go out
to the web to read it.

So is this an error, oversite, or have I missed installing some other
package that includes this?  Or have I missed something very obvious?



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