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Re: Using Local Folder

2011/1/12 Larry Hall (Cygwin):
> On 1/12/2011 3:14 PM, Trollope, David wrote:
>> I've been toying with setting up a central repository of the cygwin
>> packages we need in our environment so that folks don't have to pound
>> the internet and directly download from all the time.
>> I've done this by downloading the packages using setup.exe and then on
>> secondary machines using the package directory for install using the
>> local folder installation option.
>> What I've noticed is this works great for the first install, but if the
>> master downloads new packages, the secondary machines don't
>> automatically install them - they show up in setup marked "Skip".
>> Naturally this is great when installing from a network mirror where you
>> don't want to default to installing everything - but our mini-mirror has
>> just what we need.
>> Is there a way to change the default handling of setup.exe to install
>> every package it finds when using a local folder install?

Avoiding the initial skip, pre-select your private selection?

My untested idea would be to provide a pre-filled /etc/setup/installed.db
with the needed packages already there, with a release version one below,
like -0

Or add a new group to your packages in the ini and select the group.
(click on right of the name Default => Install)
Reini Urban ? ? ? ??

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