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Re: Using Local Folder

On 1/12/2011 3:14 PM, Trollope, David wrote:
Hi Folks,

I've been toying with setting up a central repository of the cygwin
packages we need in our environment so that folks don't have to pound
the internet and directly download from all the time.

I've done this by downloading the packages using setup.exe and then on
secondary machines using the package directory for install using the
local folder installation option.

What I've noticed is this works great for the first install, but if the
master downloads new packages, the secondary machines don't
automatically install them - they show up in setup marked "Skip".
Naturally this is great when installing from a network mirror where you
don't want to default to installing everything - but our mini-mirror has
just what we need.

Is there a way to change the default handling of setup.exe to install
every package it finds when using a local folder install?

So far I've only tested this with a drive mounted by me - I'm wondering
if this approach will work for other users too (where the local package
folder is not owned by them - something I plan to test).

I'd appreciate if anyone can provide some insights in to solving the
behaviour I'm seeing or suggesting a better way.

I searched around online, and didn't find a great guide on how to do
this type of thing.

Other 'setup.exe' experts would be better at advising you about this but I can tell you that 'setup.ini' is responsible for telling 'setup.exe' what packages are available and what versions are available. What are you using for your 'setup.ini'? Also, you need to be aware that 'setup.exe' changes over time too and it's best to keep in step with the version available from

You can also use the command line option (-P) to specify packages you want
to install, though I expect that's a little different than the direction
you probably want to head.



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