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Re: skipping file `...', as it was replaced while being copied

On Jan 12 08:09, Nellis, Kenneth wrote:
> From: Corinna Vinschen
> > See the User's Guide here:
> >
> > 
> > Try to mount the Q: drive with the "ihash' option, for instance:
> > 
> >   $ cat >> /etc/fstab.c/knellis << EOF
> >   Q: /qnx stone_age_old_samba binary,ihash 0 0
> >   EOF
> >   $ mount -a
> > 
> > That should help.  I'm not really keen to add more hardcoded support
> > for such old filesystems.
> Yeah, thanx for that, however I get the same result after correcting 
> "fstab.c" to "fstab.d". I now have:
> knellis@COBQDPPJ1 ~
> $ mount | grep ^Q
> Q: on /qnx type smbfs (binary,ihash,user)
> knellis@COBQDPPJ1 ~
> $
> Interestingly enough, compare what works and what doesn't:
> FAILS: cp /cygdrive/q/knellis/xyz xyz
> WORKS: cat /cygdrive/q/knellis/xyz > xyz

Erm... you have to use the /qnx path, rather than /cygdrive/q:

   cp /qnx/knellis/xyz xyz
   cat /qnx/knellis/xyz > xyz

Other than that, cat doesn't perform the same integrity checks as cp.

> Also, I wouldn't ask you to modify Cygwin to support this ancient
> protocol, but I'm still wondering what I have to downgrade to 
> get what worked some number of weeks ago. I've downgraded 
> coreutils to 8.5-2 and cygwin to 1.7.6, but neither helped.
> Curious about what else could have caused this change in
> behavior. Would welcome advice on what else I can try.

No idea when and where this changed, sorry.  Out of curiosity, what's
the output of `mount'?  Does it recognize /cygdrive/q as smbfs or as


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