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Re: skipping file `...', as it was replaced while being copied

On 01/11/2011 08:33 AM, Nellis, Kenneth wrote:
> Curious why you put me on the tar path when my problem was originally
> stated as being with cp. Regardless, the latest snapshot does not
> change the result. Here are the current results, and "cygcheck -svr"
> output is attached.

My bad - I was reading two threads that came within close time proximity
of one another and both reported a message about unstable stat()
contents.  It turns out that the other thread was regarding unstable
st_size on directories affecting tar, while your issue was the effect of
unstable st_ino affecting cp (different fixes in cygwin1.dll).

From here, Corinna probably has better insights into how to patch
cygwin1.dll to work around your broken file system (it isn't NTFS, even
though it claims to be, because NTFS has max filenamelength of 255 and a
lot more TRUE flags - do you know if it is a NetApp device, or is it
some other file system altogether?)

> knellis@COBQDPPJ1 ~
> $ /usr/lib/csih/getVolInfo /cygdrive/q
> Device Type        : 7
> Characteristics    : 10
> Volume Name        : <home>
> Serial Number      : 125567530
> Max Filenamelength : 128
> Filesystemname     : <NTFS>

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Libvirt virtualization library

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