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Re: Brand new setup ends up not where intended (?but at default)

On 2011-01-10 10:58Z, Fergus wrote:
> Intention: to install legacy version 1.5 on drive I: (ie not default)

[...some directories are created on I:, but...]

> and what has actually happened is that the installation has been placed 
> under C:\cygwin\.

I installed it on XP (where it's unsupported) with similar symptoms.
I specified C:/cygwin-1_5 as root; but a C:/Cygwin directory was
created too, and most of the files wound up there. Two iterations of
 - remove unwanted default C:/Cygwin
 - run setup-legacy again
gave a working installation in C:/cygwin-1_5 , and no C:/Cygwin .

> I did NOT clean the registry. Things were properly uninstalled (ie I had 
> umount'ed everything) but without doubt the registry will have had 
> trailing vestigial references to Cygwin and Cygnus Solutions, though 
> essentially empty. Could this be the problem?

Probably not: I've seen these symptoms right after reinstalling the OS.

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