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Brand new setup ends up not where intended (?but at default)

I know you're probably not much interested in legacy difficulties (or maybe you are) but as setup.exe = setup-legacy.exe I thought I'd mention it.

The following glitch has occurred several times, and I'm reminded of other posts written post-installation of the "cannot find /home" "cannot find /bin/bash" variety. I have always assumed that I must have suffered some kind of lapsed-concentration self-induced keypress malfunction. This time (like most times actually) I took good care.

Intention: to install legacy version 1.5 on drive I: (ie not default) from sources stored under F:\Cyg0\release-legacy (ie not web).

Command: F:\Cyg0\setup-legacy.exe

Prompts (3 of them): 1. choose location I:\ for installation; 2. say "YES I do mean that" in response to warning; and 3. state F:\Cyg0 for source.

The installation process appeared to run satisfactorily to completion (but surprisingly rapidly - I:\ is a usb stick and writes are pretty slow) but in the end all that's on I:\ is

  â   \âsetup/:
  â       \âtimestamp
  â   \âbin/:
  â   \âlib/:
  â   \âlocal/:
  â   â   \âbin/:
  â   â   \âetc/:
  â   â   \âlib/:
  â   \âsrc/:
  â   \âtmp/:
      â   \âsetup.log
      â   \âsetup.log.full
      â   \âutmp

and what has actually happened is that the installation has been placed under C:\cygwin\. Not really what I wanted. The 4 files mentioned above (timestamp, setup.log.*, utmp) do NOT occur anywhere under c:\cygwin.

I'll do a transfer or something and attend to mounts; but this has definitely happened more than once. Something I'm doing, or failing to do? Something your end that under certain circumstances causes the default architecture to override user-stated preferences?

I did NOT clean the registry. Things were properly uninstalled (ie I had umount'ed everything) but without doubt the registry will have had trailing vestigial references to Cygwin and Cygnus Solutions, though essentially empty. Could this be the problem?


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