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Re: Cygwin Support for Shadow Copies Exposed As Drives?

On 1/4/2011 6:08 PM, Leon Vanderploeg wrote:
I didn't see an email reply to
<008801cbab56$59188f30$0b49ad90$>  in my email, but I did see a
reply in the forum.  I am not sure about the right way to get back to the
original item, but I'm hoping this will get it there.

It did. But it wasn't smart enough to maintain the list threading. I believe you're missing the "References" field but don't quote me on that.

In general, if you want a reply specifically to come to you, you have to
request it.  The list directs all replies back to the list so the easiest
way to make sure you see a response is to subscribe. ;-)


Thanks for the quick reply. I just pulled down the 2010-12-29. It, to failed the rsync chdir to an exposed drive. I scanned the change logs on all the snapshots listed on the page you suggested and I didn't see anything on shadow copies.

OK, it was a bit of a long-shot but I remembered some other discussion of rsync recently and thought there might be a correlation.



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