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Re: Cygwin-1.7.7: mv appends .exe to directory if matching .exe exists

----- Original Message ----- From: "Eric Blake" <>
On 01/04/2011 12:01 PM, Steven Hartland wrote:
It really feels like so called consistency is being enforced over
functionality which is sad as I always though cygwin's goal was to make
Unix look and feel under windows?

With the Unix look and feel, do you type 'ls file' or 'ls.exe file'?
There would be a LOT of upset users if we didn't do at least some magic
for .exe.  It's an unfortunate problem of running on Windows, while
still providing apps that can be invoked from non-cygwin processes (if
we wanted, we could name cygwin binaries with no extension, just as in
Unix, but then native windows apps couldn't easily run them).

As acknowledged that's one of required special cases, but when I
expand an archive with two files on Unix I end up with two files
and not one as in the following on cygwin:-
tar -xvzf cygwin-test.tar.gz w/
[root@blade01]/tmp: ls -l w
total 0
-rw-r--r--+ 1 root None 0 2011-01-04 20:42 ls

So not only did I loose a file I lost the windows one, not exactly
desired behavour.

What's even more confusing for the user is that its order dependent
so if the tar extracts w/ls followed by w/ls.exe instead of w/ls.exe followed by w/ls you do get both files.

This always used to work just fine its only been broken in 1.7.

When I raised this when we first identified the problem we where
basically told that wasnt a valid use of cygwin so would not be
fixed, so I expect this directory problem which stems from the
same behavour will be the same as well :(

With something like cygwin there are always going to be querks and
gotyas but some of the recent "fixes" seem to taking a step backwards
breaking otherwise fine uses of this most valuable tool.

If anyone's interested in revisting this issue you'll find it under
the subject: "tar deletes .exe files on extraction" in the archives.


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