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Re: Owner/Group showing up as "??????????" on some Windows files despite mkpasswd/mkgroup

On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 7:59 AM, aputerguy wrote:
> If trustedinstaller is a valid file owner then I would like it to show up as
> the file owner in cygwin so that rsync transfers it over properly.
> Presumably this would mean adding it to my /etc/passwd file though I'm not
> sure what would be the best entry to use.
> On the other hand if trustedinstaller SHOULD NOT be owning any files and its
> just an error on my windows system then I would like to correct the file
> ownership in windows so that the files have the correct owners.

On Windows 7 and Vista, "trustedinstaller" owns (and is supposed to
own) all the files of the OS:
(quoted in

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