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Re: Owner/Group showing up as "??????????" on some Windows files despite mkpasswd/mkgroup

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> On 12/29/2010 11:46 PM, Jeffrey J. Kosowsky wrote:
>> When I do an 'ls -al' (or a getfacl) on some files, I get:
>> owner/group = ???????/???????, implying that the numeric uid/gid are
>> not found in the passwd/group file.
>> This occurs even though I ran:
>> 	 mkpasswd -cl>  /etc/passwd
>> 	 mkgroup --local>  /etc/group
>> The /owner and /primary group are displayed in subinacl (often as
>> 'trustedinstaller'). Note that 'trustedinstaller' doesn't appear in my
>> passwd or group files.
>> So, question is why doesn't 'ls -al' and 'getfacl' give a more
>> 'human readable' answer than '???????' even if trustedinstaller is a
>> bogus name. Or should I just think of ?????? as cygwin for
>> trustedinstaller?
> The following section in the User's Guide explains why you see what you
> see:
> <>
> trustedinstaller is new with Vista and is not really a user, which is why
> it doesn't show up in the passwd file.  See this link for more details:
> <>
> Your user != trustedinstaller.  trustedinstaller is an indication that
> Windows wants to control the security of this file.  It shouldn't be the
> owner of any files that are truly yours though.

Larry, thanks for the helpful links.

What I am trying to do is backup my Windows filesystem (using BackupPC with
rsync) so I want to get the file ownership & groups as accurate as possible
(I am aware that I am missing other ACL info but that's another story).

HOWEVER on my system, trustedinstaller for some reason does seem to own a
lot of files on my system.
If trustedinstaller is a valid file owner then I would like it to show up as
the file owner in cygwin so that rsync transfers it over properly.
Presumably this would mean adding it to my /etc/passwd file though I'm not
sure what would be the best entry to use.

On the other hand if trustedinstaller SHOULD NOT be owning any files and its
just an error on my windows system then I would like to correct the file
ownership in windows so that the files have the correct owners.

Any suggestions here on what might be the correct approach?

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