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Cygwin 1.7.7 - /bin/ls hangs?

Hi all,

I recently upgraded to 1.7.7 and a script that I use to set up a lot of environment variables is now hanging.
The problem is quite unpredictable and I am struggling to find ways to reliably reproduce or diagnose.

I am using csh (tcsh) and 'source'-ing a script but I have seen 'bash' hang just running:
bash-3.2$ ls /usr/bin
(although not today!)

Typically I do something like:
% source /cygdrive/h/jek/bin/jSetfor.csh

and with 'echo' set it runs to:

   if ( -d /cygdrive/s/syb1503/shared ) then
   setenv SYBASE_JRE /cygdrive/s/syb1503/shared/`ls $SYBHOME/shared/|fgrep
   jre|tail -1`
   ls /cygdrive/s/syb1503/shared/
   tail -1

Run again and this time it gets further but hangs with:

   if ( -d /cygdrive/s/syb1503/REP-15_2/lib3p ) then
   setenv SYBASE_RPL `ls $SYBHOME|fgrep RPL-|tail -1`
   ls /cygdrive/s/syb1503
   fgrep RPL-

My guess is a timing issue - perhaps in the pipe?

Any thoughts on what is going wrong or what I can do to avoid it?

Many thanks and Happy New Year,
 - jon.

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