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[patch 0/8] Bash improvements resent

This is a series of patches that tries to improve the user experience in Cygwin.

It adds three new features:


EXECIGNORE is a colon-separated list of glob patterns. If a file's
full path matches one of these, it is never considered 
executable for completion purposes. EXECIGNORE=*.dll is a good start.

2. completion_strip_exe

completion_strip_exe is a new shell option. When enabled,
bash tries to use the short name of a program instead of
its longer ".-exe"-suffixed one. With this on, pin<tab>
completes to "ping".

3. dg-dwim (C-x C-w)

This is a new readline command that toggles the shell word before
point between Unix and Windows path syntax, with a heuristic to
detect unquoted Windows paths.

Try typing "notepad ~/.profile", then hit C-x C-w

The command line will be changed to 
notepad 'C:\Users\username\conf\dot-profile'

If you hit C-x C-w again, you'll see

notepad '/c/Users/dancol/.profile'

It also works with glob patterns; try it out. 

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