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Re: SSH - Can't Login (3rd Post)

> No, if it's reporting 1.7.1, I expect that's the version you're running.
> And I expect that's coming into play here.  But go ahead and double check
> it in the Windows explorer.  I expect you'll find it reports 1.7.1 too.
> This is a problem.  I expect you know that you need to stop all your
> services before an upgrade in order to get the new DLL moved into place
> immediately, right?  If you don't do this, it will queue up the move 
> for next reboot.  My guess is you've rebooted at least once since installing
> 1.7.x > 1.7.1 but it's possible things have gotten gummed up if you didn't
> and have since done other upgrades (that's pure theory though).  What's
> not is that you have ZoneAlarm installed that is known to cause problems.
> I'd recommend unstalling it, stopping all Cygwin services (cron, 
> cygserver, httpd2, and sshd), reinstall the Cygwin package, and then 
> restart the services.  You should find this process gives you a 
> current cygwin1.dll in '/bin'.  If not, we need to look at the 
> results of the installation process (and/or for 
> <> ).

Looks like the "gummed up" diagnosis was the correct one.  I restarted my 
system in safe mode with networking and ran setup.  It reported nothing needed 
to be updated (looks like setup has an issue with detecting differences 
between what is actually running, and what should be installed; but that is a 
different debate).

I opened a Cygwin bash shell and ran the "uname -a" command and it still 
reported release 1.7.1, not 1.7.7.  I reran the setup and reinstalled Cygwin 
and cygserver then rebooted the system back to its normal operations mode.  
Once the system was up and stable I restarted the bash shell and got a series 
of stack dumps with complaints about timing out waiting for a return from a 
long jump (another issue for another time).  I closed the window and did the 
insane thing (repeated opening of a bash shell hoping for a different result). 
and this time I got a working shell prompt.

I ran the "uname -a" command and this time it returned the 1.7.7 version.  
Next, I did an ssh to my own machine "ssh ncc-1701" and was able to get the 
expected prompts for a login.  Ssh appears to be working again.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions.  It is community support and 
cooperation, as well as support from the Dev team that keeps Cygwin one of the 
most popular *nix like environments for Windoze.


Brian S. Wilson

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