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Re: Slowdown after update on Win32 (XP Home)

Michael Ludwig schrieb am 07.10.2010 um 00:27 (+0200):
> SZABÓ Gergely schrieb am 06.10.2010 um 23:30 (+0200):
> > 
> > please see this thread (test scripts included):
> >
> Thanks, Gabor - I saw your thread, which reinforces my belief that it
> is a Cygwin issue.

I don't think any more the slow process creation (fork) I'm seeing is a
Cygwin problem. A Makefile for ActiveState Perl also takes an eternity
to run. The delay appears to be caused by time-consuming process

> > I can only confirm this. Process creation is much slower with 1.7.7
> > than it was with 1.5.25. The "fork" script runs 300% slower on my XP
> > box.
> Another possibility would be a recent Microsoft update.
> Am I hallucinating when I think that 100% true Windows utilities like
> IPCONFIG, ROUTE and NET are also slower in launching?

These Windows utilities also take time to launch. All processes, once
running, do *not* appear slow; they just take time to get started.

What can I do at the Windows or Cygwin level to find the cause of this

Michael Ludwig

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