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Re: Connection timed out

On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 12:37:09AM -0700, KeithLaw wrote:
> Hi,
> I have set up the ssh server(cygwin) and it works fine for "ssh
> [username]@localhost" in my command prompt  at server but it doesn't work
> for "ssh [username]@192.168.x.xx" which is also localhost. I have turned off
> all the windows firewall.
> The error message is: 
> ssh: connect to host 192.168.x.xx port 22: Connection timed out
> Would appreciate if there is any advice.
> Thanks.


First off, can you ping that address? can you telnet that port?
Is it listening?

$ ping 192.168.x.x
$ telnet 192.168.x.x 22
$ netstat -an | grep LISTEN

If those tests work as expected, double check the ListenAddress parameter in 
your sshd_config, your /etc/hosts file, and then try running:

$ ssh -vvv [username]@192.168.x.xx

to see if you can find additional info to debug your problem.


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