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Re: SSH - Can't Login (3rd Post)

> On 10/28/2010 10:37 PM, Brian Wilson wrote:
> > The ssh command and its response are just a cut and paste of the bash 
> > Trying to execute ssh -v ncc-1701 gives exactly the same results (note 
> > is no -v option in the displayed list).
> $ ssh wilson@ncc-1701
> usage: ssh [-1246AaCfgKkMNnqsTtVvXxYy] [-b bind_address] [-c cipher_spec]...
>                                  ^
> There it is. ;-)

Oh, that -v option... ;-)

> > cygcheck seems to have differing 1.7* information.  Is there some magic
> > translation I need to know of to get the correct release number?
> No, if it's reporting 1.7.1, I expect that's the version you're running.
> And I expect that's coming into play here.  But go ahead and double check
> it in the Windows explorer.  I expect you'll find it reports 1.7.1 too.
> This is a problem.  I expect you know that you need to stop all your
> services before an upgrade in order to get the new DLL moved into place
> immediately, right?  If you don't do this, it will queue up the move 
> for next reboot.  My guess is you've rebooted at least once since installing
> 1.7.x > 1.7.1 but it's possible things have gotten gummed up if you didn't
> and have since done other upgrades (that's pure theory though).  What's
> not is that you have ZoneAlarm installed that is known to cause problems.
> I'd recommend unstalling it, stopping all Cygwin services (cron, 
> cygserver, httpd2, and sshd), reinstall the Cygwin package, and then 
> restart the services.  You should find this process gives you a 
> current cygwin1.dll in '/bin'.  If not, we need to look at the 
> results of the installation process (and/or for 
> <> ).

I know cygcheck is reporting Zone Alarm, but I've never had Zone Alarm 
installed on my system.   I do have McAfee installed, but have never had a 
problem with it blocking an installation.  I tried to reinstall just the 
cygwin application last night and rebooted immediately; but still I see the 
same information from cygcheck.  I will work this again tonight and try 
installing from reboot to safe mode and reinstall to see if that makes a 
difference.  I don't always stop all services before a restart and have relied 
on the reboot to take care of any issues with updating running processes.  
Perhaps that is not wise.

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